Keynote by Prof. Michael Todd

"The Role of Behavior Psychology in Affecting the Perception of Risk in SHM Decision-Making"

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems provide actionable information that stakeholders use to make decisions about operations, maintenance, performance, etc.  However, stakeholders have a risk profile, a perception of how they evaluate the outcome of the decisions they must make. Thus, the consequences of decisions do not just depend on posterior probabilities of information (such as a structural health state), but also on an individual’s (or even an organization’s) perception of decision consequences, and this presentation will consider a way to model this effect in the SHM decision-making process.

By Prof. Michael D. Todd (University of California San Diego)

Keynote by Prof. Jochen Köhler

"Design and assessment criteria for safety and cost efficiency"

A rational basis for the specification of reliability requirements for design and assessment of structures is introduced and discussed in this lecture. It is thereby focused on the challenges related to the practical application of reliability requirements and aspects of standardization.
by Prof. Jochen Köhler from NTNU.

Keynote by Prof. John Popovics

"Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation for the Infrastructure"
by Prof. John Popovics from the University of Illinois (USA)